Villa Caritas and San Pedro join the campaign "Take care of those who care for us"

Villa Caritas and San Pedro were chosen to manufacture face protectors to cope with the Covid-19. This action is part of the campaign "Take care of us", organized by The Peruvian Network of Fab Labs and its allies, and disseminated by "Crowdfunding Emprede UP"

By having a Makerspace in each of our schools, we are part of the Fab Labs Network (Fabrication Lab) of our country. A FabLab is a Digital Manufacturing Laboratory, which is located inside various universities or private institutions.

In this opportunity, in order to help cover some of the 100,000 protectors currently needed in our country, we will be manufacturing as many facial protectors as possible using our 3D printers and Laser cutter. In a following note we will tell you how they are being prepared and the next steps in this process.

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