Transfers from others schools

Transfers in our School are given from Kinder to 10th grade. To apply for a vacancy, applicants must take tests in Spanish, English and Mathematics. The objective is to obtain information about the skills they have developed and make an assessment to check whether their academic level is in line with that of the group to which they are a part of. Each case will be studied in an individual basis, making sure of the potential of the student and support of its parents. In addition, they will perform a psychological evaluation.

The Admissions Coordinator will interview parents, collect documents and coordinate the assessments.

Attention is Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. For further information, please write an email to: [email protected] or call 6149500 extension 501.

  1. Parents who are interested  contact the admission area to verify the availability of vacancies at: [email protected] or call 6149500 extension 501.
  2. Download and complete the Application form and send it to this email: [email protected]
  3. Review the requirements needed for a school transfer
  4. You will be called to arrange a date for the personal interview with both parents.
  5. Consider that our academic calendar is from March to December.
  6. In case your child makes the vacancy, the applicant must make the payment of the deposit fee.

Required documents :

Documents required
Simple copies of:
Applicant’s ID
DNI from both parents
Foreign ID card cor passport in the case of foreigners
Parental Civil or Religious Marriage Item* (Reference Documents)
Last book of applicant’s notes with grades higher notes greater than 14 in each subject and constancy of good behavior
Originals of:
Birth certificate
Baptism certificate
1 photo of applicant (passport size)
1 family photo (jumbo size)
Contract of employment (in the case of foreigners and/or diplomats). Mandatory.
Note: In case you know Parents of our schools or Members of our Educational Community.  We ask you to include letters of recommendation within the admissions file. (Download here). (Does not apply to families with children in the San Pedro and Villa Caritas Schools). $140 payment for application fee
For applicants of any school in Peru
Unique license plate file where the Education Code appears which is now the ID
Certificates of primary or secondary education for the degrees you took at each school
For applicants coming from abroad
Certificates of primary or secondary studies taken in the country of origin with the stamps of the school of that country and apostilled by the Ministry of Education of that country, Consulate of Peru of that country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru. These documents will be delivered once the student has entered.