• Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

We belong to the Cambridge school network, offering our students a curriculum aligned with international expectations of high academic quality.

  • The Ontario Principal’s Council (OPC) – Canadá

Ontario Principals’ Council (OPC) – Canada is one of the most internationally renowned institutions in the field of training pedagogical leaders, people with whom we have been working various projects in our community for personal and professional development.

  • Niagara Catholic School Board

Niagara Catholic School Board Toronto, Canada, is an organization with extensive experience in conducting school exchanges with countries around the world.

Visiting students have the opportunity to develop English communication skills through formal ESL classes and day-to-day interaction with students and teachers from Catholic schools in the district. In addition, they can maximize their cultural experience by living with Canadian families carefully selected for this purpose.

  • Centro de Amistad Peruano Alemán (CAPA)

The German Peruvian Friendship Center (CAPA) provides Peruvian students with the possibility of travelling to Germany and living there for a period while studying. Reciprocally, we receive visits by young Germans to Peru. They offer several programs and modalities of intercultural integration.