Why study here?


Integral Education

We take care of all the dimensions of the person, training the student at the intellectual, cultural, spiritual growth and emotional maturity level, encouraging participation in charitable projects and looking for their best effort at sporting matters throughout each stage of his life.


Academic Excellence

Our students are well prepared to integrate into society and take on great challenges at a local and global level, thanks to the academic approach oriented at the development of communication abilities, social, self-management, critical thinking and research skills.


Personalized Education

We respond to the needs of the individual, creating spaces and having resources for timely accompaniment. Personalized education is the framework of joint work with the family, in collaboration with parents, as the first educators of their children.


International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB)

We are in the process of applying for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, which is a challenging and academically consistent program aimed at developing core competencies for university life. This diploma will allow the validation of university academic credits in most prestigious universities, contributing to the transition process college – university.



We have 60 hectares of cozy spaces and wide open environments surrounded by hills in a natural ecosystem, which contribute to the learning process and appreciation and respect of the environment. As a school, we offer large-scale recreation spaces: a semi-Olympic swimming pool, gym, coliseum, psychomotricity room and a professional stadium for disciplines such as: javelin, hammer, disco, football and athletics.


Technology and innovation

We promote the use of technology for the purpose of learning and enhancing the creativity of students, developing Computational Thinking. We have an equipped MakerSpace (3D printers, laser cutters, drones, among others) looking, from different projects and research, the solution to real problems of our society.


Educating with the Family

We work together, as a team: family and school. This allows the integral development of students to be carried out in a harmonious, solid and complete way. The parents are the main educators and as a school we accompany them in this process, with continuous training and active participation in the activities of the school.


Villa Caritas and San Pedro integration

We are a unique proposal in the country that presents a model of co-education offering spaces where students of both our schools, one of them San Pedro, share academic and charitable projects, sports events, cultural activities, and international educational experiences that allows them to strengthen their bonds of friendship and integration.


Catholic School

We cultivate their spiritual life by forming people who are whole, people of faith and values, able to reflect their faith in their everyday life, committed to their reality by developing their own leadership in service and solidarity with others.