Our Parents

Our work style seeks to incorporate the active participation of families in a true educational community characterized by trust, communication and together, search for the personal growth of all its members. We are convinced that parents are, by nature, the main teachers of their children and that the formation of the person begins at home.

We have a Marriage and Family Department that aims to build an authentic family culture community in our schools through some participatory activities:

  • Our parents

  • They are aware of their responsibility as part of their child’s education.
  • They collaborate with their child’s training, participating in activities and meetings.
  • They educate their daughter by example and adhere to the School’s educational plan.
  • They provide an adequate environment in the home, which ensures their child’s comprehensive education.
  • They teach their child to respect the rules and regulations that govern school life.
  • They promote respect for the authorities, teachers, peers and all the staff of the school.
  • They convey their Catholic values and faith by their life actions, allowing their daughter to grow up and be a good citizen.

The Parents Association represents parents in dialogue with the school, channeling their general efforts and concerns in the relationship with the institution, serves as a space for coming together as a community, dialogue, and communicate. Parents themselves choose the APAFA board for a period of two years.

APAFA Board of Directors 2023 – 2025

President María del Rosario Barragán Vidal
Vice-President Nela Reyes Tapia
Secretary Nathalie Aguirre
Member treasury Lucia Torres Polo
Members Soledad Lema

Francisco Coros De la Piedra

  • Delegates

Delegates are active moms and collaborators who act as representatives between the school and other parents. They promote the integration of the class, the different activities of the school and organize charitable activities, as leaders who work as a team with the families and the school.

Our undergraduate delegates also take on the responsibility of sharing with the parents the policies and reflections to consider, which are generated in the school.