Our Teachers

  • Teachers

Our school has teachers with extensive knowledge in their area of expertise. They are the basis for fostering an educational environment focused on the integral development of the human being, understanding of themselves as thoughtful, in continuous training.

  • Our teachers are:

  • Professionals, who master their area of expertise, are always up to date and show a commitment to the training of their students.
  • They promote and motivate the development of students as a whole by raising challenging learning expectations.
  • They develop activities that take into account the unique particular characteristics of the student.
  • Committed to the School’s educational plan, its values and principles.
  • They work in constant collaboration with parents, their sons first educators, and closely accompany them at each stage of their school life.
  • They work together with their peers in building a good work environment focused on the integral training of their students.
  • They strive for their constant professional growth, understanding that they are an example for their students and for the entire educational community of Villa Caritas.
  • Teacher training program

We have a personalized, comprehensive program of continuing professional development for each of our teachers to deepen in the fundamental elements of our educational project, as are master’s degrees, diplomas, conferences and international experiences.