Villa Caritas School was founded on April 21, 1981 by a group of families who were searching for a different type of education, one that would portray the idea of school as a second home, based in the Christian love and charity concept.

The founding stage started under the direction of an excellent educator, Margarita Hamann Jiménez. During a few years, the school functioned in two different locations and it was in 1992 when the first stage of the existent infrastructure based in Rinconada del Lago in La Molina district, was finished.

The Project was trusted to the hands of consecrated religious laypersons of the Sodallitium Christianae Vitae (SVC) in 1995, a year of great institutional expansion. Mrs. Fanny Wadsworth (1995-2019) and Mrs. Carmen Ibarra de Piaget, (2002-2008) served as directors of the school, who gave of themselves with great commitment and serious effort to the life of the school, always highlighting the school motto, “Caritas Omnia Vincit”. From 2009 on the school has been headed by Director Ximena Bisso López de Romaña.

A crucial milestone took place in 1997, when our partner school, San Pedro, was founded. As we coordinated and developed the framework of action of the new project and both schools being placed in the same campus, the students and teachers started to inject life and energy to this innovative educational proposal: “Two schools, one community” in which a differenciated formation for boys and girls was important and at the same time, they shared spaces for common projects they developed together.

The educational plan of Villa Caritas and San Pedro schools reflects a large and ambitious educational initiative, one that wants to contribute to the improvement of a more humane, charitable and pacifist world.

The alumni turns back to look at its “alma mater” and find in it strong roots and the necessary foundations to open the doors to college life and adulthood, a path into the professional world.