A safe environment

The safety of our students is essential in responding to the trust that our parents place in us, reason enough to create and foster a culture of safe environment.

A number of specific strategies and actions have been carried out to this end:

  • We offer all our collaborators and teaching staff the course “VIRTUS”, recognized worldwide for its safe environment training program for adults, children and youngsters, which allow us to be on alert for any indication or signs of possible abuse.
  • We promote whole, safe and healthy environments that help prevent and respond to any type of violence and/or abuse.
  • We have a Psycho pedagogical unit that responds quickly and effectively to suspicion or signs of an act of violence.
  • We apply the Behavior Guidelines Manual that seeks to establish the parameters and expectations of suitable behavior of our students in comparison to inappropriate behaviors, clarifying what their faults and the intensity of their actions are and the consequences in each case will carry.
  • We have a set of Integral Security protocols dealing with any type of risk (nursing station, coexistence protocol, a special protocol in case of an earthquake, one in case of emergency, with systems and internal surveillance protocol).
  • We hold a Code of Ethics that contains institutional expectations regarding the behavior and interpersonal relationships between the entire educational community that are involved in some way in school work, which is signed by each worker.
  • We have a staff selection process that thoroughly checks the identification and personal and professional curriculum of those that fit the worker profile presented by our institution.