Technology and innovation

Technology is incorporated into the learning – teaching process in an interdisciplinary way, where the teacher plays an important role. The Technologies Department of San Pedro School is part of the cultural dimension of the person, where his capacities of discernment of the useful, timely, of the ethical, and objective.

The learning of technology supports other areas, through it we acquire skills that allow us to improve our teaching-learning processes, collaborative and inclusive work, we obtain an instrument with which we can connect us to the world and its advancement, and naturally unwrap ourselves in it.

The ultimate goal of this learning is to be personal use, promoting autonomy, creativity, problem solving, responsibility and critical management of technology.

The use of technology takes place in four different areas: technologies applied for research, technologies to communicate and collaborate, as well as production and learning oriented technologies.

The use of technology takes place in four different areas: research technology, technology to communicate and collaborate, technology to learn and produce and learn technology.