Overseas Programs

Our schools understand the value of travelling in the interior of our country and abroad as a privileged opportunity to offer our students academic experiences, training, activities that teach them to appreciate other cultures and expand their horizons. This enables our pupils to communicate in other languages, work on autonomy, responsibility and respect for other people.

An international look

The school promotes international experiences as we create alliances that allow students to have the opportunity to travel out of their free will to different countries, where they participate in academic, sports and cultural experiences. </ p>

  • Simulation of debate conference in “Harvard Model United Nations” in USA.
  • Presentation of projects for technological entrepreneurship development which will have social impact Berckeley University San Francisco.
  • Student exchange in Canada
  • Student exchange in Germany
  • Experience of studies in France
  • Innovation experience at the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (ISTM), Mexico.
  • Cultural experience in New York

Students will visit prestigious universities such as Berkeley, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Monterrey Higher Institute of Technology (ISTM), large companies such as Google, Facebook and live out cultural experiences.