Villa Caritas Profile

Our identity, vision and values are concretely reflected in the profile we seek to develop in our students, which establishes 7 dimensions that promote an integral look at the person which is enriched with the attributes of the profile of the learning community of the International Baccalaureate. As an educational community we strive to integrate the experience of this profile into our educational practice from the areas of action in which the different agents of our educational project operate.


  • Is aware of her identity and mission as a Christian in the world as a path for her happiness and personal fulfillment.
  • Strives to know and love the Lord Jesus, seeking to live based on solid Christian values that are enriched by the practice of the sacraments and prayer.
  • Tries her best to develop an attitude of openness to reality and culture through research, from a critical and reflexive thought oriented to the search of Truth.
  • Strives to know, accept and value herself as a person, understanding the beautiful gift she is, thus seeking a healthy emotional balance.
  • Shows love for her country, family, school and the world, through empathic attitudes in her friendly relationships, the experience of generosity and commitment with the environment.
  • Understands her mission of forging a better world and, therefore, seeks to contribute to reality through service, commitment and solidarity.
  • Seeks to integrate healthy habits into her daily life that demonstrates and adequate balance that would help her to value herself and have a healthy and harmonious life with herself and with others.